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   Testimonials From Our Families


Four of our children have attended Tiny Tots for a total of seven years, and I think it has been a wonderful part of their preschool years and our family memories. A neighbor with children the same ages as ours first recommended the program to us when we were looking for a preschool, and now I recommend it to everyone I know. I think the two most important things in choosing a preschool are the quality of the teachers in providing caring, nurturing guidance in how to interact socially within a group of children, and the quality of instruction the children receive that will prepare them academically for kindergarten. Tiny Tots excels in both of these areas. 

It is obvious that the teachers at Tiny Tots love what they do, and they really care about children. This is not simply a job for the teachers; they do so much more than what is simply required to teach the children. One of the best things about Tiny Tots is the opportunity for parents to be the "parent helper" in the classroom a few times each year. This is a chance to not only observe how your child acts in the classroom, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to see how the teachers interact with all the children. I am so impressed with their gentle and loving patience in all situations. These are not novice teachers-they've been there and seen it all, and they know how to handle all types of children in very positive ways. 

I think Tiny Tots also does a terrific job in preparing children academically for kindergarten. This year they've begun using a Zoo-phonics program which is a fun way for kids to learn their letters and the sounds of all the letters. My son loves making the sounds and doing the body motions that go along with each letter. There is also a "hands on" science program that is interesting and fun for the kids. In addition to these special programs, every day has a structure which is similar to a kindergarten day-free choice time where the kids can choose among many different things to play with, calendar time, circle time for reading and singing, gym time, and short periods of table work which is always appropriate for their age and ability. 

My kids have always looked forward to their days at Tiny Tots, and I have always been happy taking them there and knowing that they were receiving the best possible care and instruction. I truly don't believe that there is a better program anywhere!

Debbie Borst, Mother of Tiny Tot Alumni Julia, Jacob, Grace, and Thomas

Please read on. The following family comes despite the long drive!

Tiny Tots is the best! I live in Canton and have returned here with my second son. Originally, we started here because my sister sent her daughter here and we were going to carpool with our sons. Shortly after they started, they moved to Australia. I've returned three years later. Foremost, they are the most caring and nurturing staff around. They are experts with separation anxiety! Their program with family activities and involvement are unlike any around. You and your child can make friendships here. The memories are precious. Their staff to child ratio is better than most preschools and the space is unbelievable. And lastly, it is the most economical program with so many extras.

The curriculum is excellent and their spiritual influence is perfect, not over the top but involved. My 5 year old son asked why he couldn't come here for school. The staff still make him feel loved every time thy see him. I was very disappointed with my public school experience for my first son's 4-year old program. Portables are too small and there are limited opportunities to meet other parents. I can't say enough about Tiny Tots. It is bit far for most families I know, but I still highly recommend it. The staff is always looking for ways to improve the program. It is a one of a kind preschool experience. I'm glad I found it!

Kathy LePage

Here is a testimonial from a past parent and teacher:

As a kindergarten teacher, finding the "right" preschool for my son was very important to me. Several of my former students attended Tiny Tots, and many of my former parents and colleagues highly recommended that I check into the Tiny Tots program. This is our second year at Tiny Tots and I can say with pride that I made the right choice. This is a program that not only provides a comfortable, nurturing and safe environment for students, but also has a rich academic curriculum that truly prepares children for kindergarten.

The structure of the day allows children to understand how a classroom "works". The children have times where they are learning to interact socially with peers, practicing decision- making, sharing, and role playing. They also have group times, where they participate in discussions and answer questions. During these work times the teachers are pulling small groups of students to work on developmental skills, such as fine motor activities and language development. All of these activities mirror what the students will be doing in a kindergarten classroom making the transition to elementary school an easy one.

This year Tiny Tots has added to their curriculum incorporating Zoo Phonics and High Touch High Tech, a "hands-on" experiment driven science program. I'm highly impressed with the quality of both of these programs. My son loves Zoo Phonics, and as a result is able to identify all of his letters and many of his letter sounds. The exposure to the alphabet has allowed him to experiment with writing. This is a kindergarten teachers dream! I have also taken bits and pieces of this program and incorporated them into my own kindergarten classroom! The science program has proven to be one of my son's favorite activities at school. I'm always excited to hear what he learned that day and have him explain the "souvenir" he brought home.

Finally, Tiny Tots has a highly qualified staff that provides a warm and caring environment for the children each day. They are always willing to answer a question and keep you updated and informed about your child's day. They set firm limits and provide a very structured atmosphere allowing all children to thrive. I look forward to the next two years, as my daughter will get to benefit from this wonderful preschool program as well! 

Sarah Ropert,     Kindergarten Teacher

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