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Zoo Phonics Program

Tiny Tots Preschool adopted a literacy curriculum from Zoo Phonics in 2009.  After just one month in school most of the children knew the sounds for each letter of the alphabet.  Zoo animals, signals and games teach the children the alphabet.  The children are actively involved in this program.  Young children learn best when they are actively engaged in an activity.  That is just what Zoo Phonics is all about.

Recognizing the upper case alphabet is a typical Kindergarten readiness skill.  When children begin to read however, it is the lower case alphabet they need to know as well.  The program begins by teaching a sound and a body movement for each letter.  Once children are familiar with the animals they are introduced to the animal's "home" which is the lower case letter.  The children have really enjoyed the program.  Parents have remarked that their child was not interested in learning the alphabet until they started Zoo Phonics. 

Now at the end of the school year most children recognize their upper and lower case letters and the sound for each.  Teachers have been working with the children building words with common ending sounds.  The children are not reading books (although some are), this goes beyond what is typical in preschool classrooms.

Teachers began the year using this curriculum in all classrooms.

High Touch High Tech Science

Every month, Tiny Tots receives a visit from High Touch High Tech's very own Rocket Ryan.  There will be a different topic each month ranging from Rocks and Minerals to Germs to a visit from his snake Slithers.  We have been blessed to be the only preschool in the area to be visited by Rocket Ryan and High Touch High Tech.  

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